Blog Launch Check-In & Sneak Peek of Upcoming Projects

Blog Launch Check-in, Blog Projects Sneak Peek

I’ve been up and running with my blog for almost a month now. It’s been a wonderful learning experience. I’m not sure I quite have the hang of it yet. Not to mention, I still have yet to tackle any of my projects …oops! But I will get there! Thanks to my friends over at Just A Girl and Her Blog, I’ve been well prepared with the ins and outs of successfully launching a blog.

If you are considering launching a blog or are looking for tips on how to better your blog, I highly recommend Abby’s ebook “Building a Framework: The Ultimate Blogging Handbook”. It’s chock full of advice, tips, and inspiration on a wide range of blog topics. Some of the topics she discusses include technical setup, content, social media, monetization, and so much more. She is a true inspiration to me! Without her I don’t think I would have ever been able to launch my blog!

In reality, I don’t have my pageviews anywhere close to where I want them to be yet. Nevertheless, I will get there in due time. Presently, I am focusing on experimenting with the best day of the week to publish a new post. I’m learning how to leverage social media to enhance the exposure of my blog. Along with playing around with monetization – really just dipping my toes in on this one.

In the short amount of time I have been live, I am proud of my accomplishments within my social media accounts. The growth I’ve managed to achieve in just three short weeks across Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest is motivating. I started at zero and now I have 64 Facebook followers, 61 Instagram followers, and 114 Pinterest followers. Not too shabby!

Oh and by the way, if we’re not friends yet, please add me! Pretty please! :).




Most importantly though, I am trying to wrap my head around my large list of projects!

Before launch, I created a huge list of topics to post about. This was a valuable step in getting my blog set up. It helped me get organized, land on a specific niche/focus area, and allowed me to even write a few posts to launch with. In spite of this, I know I need to focus on a specific set of topics versus the entire list so as to not get overwhelmed. From this list, I will focus on projects that are easily achievable in the near (aka now) future.

Something I’ve learned from other bloggers is setting goals for yourself is critical in being successful in the blogosphere. Given this, I’m setting a goal for myself to have at least half my projects done by the fall. Considering I’m a DIY/blogger newbie, tackling all of this pretty much on my own, I feel this is a fairly achievable goal. At least that’s what I’m hoping anyways – fingers crossed!!

To get you all as excited as I am about what’s to come, I want to share my list of projects with you! Furthermore, I’m also going to provide you with a little sneak peek into the details of each of my projects as well.

Let’s dive in shall we?…

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Furniture Projects:

  • Countertop for the Laundry room
    • It will add great functionality to my laundry room and look great! It’s a win win! I will go to Lowe’s or Home Depot to get a piece of wood cut to the appropriate dimensions. Then I’ll need to decide on a stain for the wood.
  • Find the perfect bar cart for the dining room
    • This is a must have that I’ve been wanting since I first designed my dining room. I know exactly what I’m looking for.
Bar Cart for my dining room project

This is the bar cart I have my heart set on!

  • Repaint new coffee table
    • I just found a coffee table on one of my local Facebook online garage sale groups that I’m in love with! I got it for a great price and even better, the seller is delivering it. SCORE!!! I plan to give it an upgrade with a fresh coat of paint and perhaps some new hardware.

      Coffee Table project, Living Room Coffee Table, Refinishing coffee table, painting coffee table

      Before pic coffee table! After pic coming soon!

  • Hunt for the perfect matching end tables to match the new coffee table
    • Now that I have my new coffee table, I need to find some matching end tables to complete the look of my living room. I’m on the prowl!
  • Redesign IKEA bookshelf into a bench for my office
    • Another great find from the local Facebook online garage sale groups will be turned into a window sill bench.

      Office bench projects

      I will transform this IKEA bookshelf into a bench for underneath the window in my office.

  • Search for a hutch or dresser for the guest bedroom
    • I’d love to find an old post master book case or a beautiful armoire to upcycle.
Armoire, Storage, Guest Bedroom Armoire

An armoire like this would be awesome!

  • Chaise lounge for master bedroom to create a sitting area
  • Kitchen island
    • While my kitchen isn’t huge there is certainly enough room for a thin kitchen island. And let’s be honest, the more counter space I can add to my kitchen, the better!

Painting Projects:

  • Paint the kitchen cabinets and update the hardware fixtures
    • The cabinets are in great shape but are looking rather dingy. There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint and new hardware to create a fresh look!
  • Paint the master and guest bathroom vanities and update the hardware fixtures
    • Both vanities will be the same color but I’m thinking I’ll choose different hardware for each.
  • Paint master bathroom toilet closet

Décor Projects:

  • Add decorative elements around new mirror in living room
    • I just hung this gorgeous mirror which was another great find from one of the local Facebook online garage sale groups. Seriously if you are not on your local Facebook online garage sale groups, get on that ASAP! It completely changed the look of my living room. But to add another element of pizazz, I need to add some other decorative elements around it. Here’s a peek at how it looks currently!
Living room mirror

My new living room mirror which I’m completely in love with!

  • Create a photo collage in the foyer. This is going to be a great focal point in my foyer
  • Add shelving to the master bathroom toilet closet.
    • I found these great crates at Jo-Ann’s that I’m going to turn on their sides and treat as shelving. They are similar to these ones I was looking at on Amazon: Wooden Crates.
  • Give fireplace and mantle a facelift. So many great ideas here, too much to share!
  • Retile backsplash in the kitchen.
  • Find new light fixtures for the entry way, dining room, living room, and kitchen.

Miscellaneous Projects:

  • Create a centerpiece for kitchen table with mason jars.
  • Create wall pallet wine rack
    • I found a gorgeous pallet for free behind a building near my house that will be perfect to transform into a hanging wine rack.
  • Succulent terracotta plants centerpiece for the dining room table
    • I have a bit of an obsession with succulents right now. Therefore it only seems natural to have them be a centerpiece on one of my tables in my house!
  • Buy my first DSLR camera and take a photography class
    • As photography is an essential part of blogging, this is one of my must do projects. Not to mention I was considering taking photography lessons prior to starting my blog as I love taking pictures. Here are two cameras I have my eye on: Canon EOS Rebel SL1 or Canon EOS Rebel T5. Of course I’m also open to suggestions!

These projects are in no particular order. I will simply be tackling them when time and money, of course, allows. Above all, I’m looking forward to seeing my home transform into a wonderful space I can be truly proud of. And hopefully along the way, I can offer some inspiration to all of you!


    • Thanks Christina! I’m very excited! I just hope I have the energy needed to complete all these projects lol!

    • Thanks Kristin! I couldn’t believe my luck when I came across that coffee table as it’s exactly what I had hoped I would find!

  1. I love your style! That turquoise mirror works with so many different motifs, in case you ever you want to switch it up! So cool! Very inspirational!! Tfs!

    • Thanks Alysha! The color schemes I’ve chosen throughout my house have kept that in mind. It allows me to bring in pretty much any kind of design element I’m wanting which is super fun!

  2. We are going on year one of being in our first home and I’m back at adding decor etc. for the summer. There were some great ideas here! You have my wheels turning now!

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